Nam Goong-min got the Daesang, Drama of the Year belongs to “The Red Sleeve” at 2021 MBC Drama Awards

Actor Nam Goong-min won the biggest award of the night at “2021 MBC Drama Awards”.

Nam Goong-min

On December 30th, the “2021 MBC Drama Awards” ceremony was held online with no spectators due to the pandemic.

The “Grand Prize” of the night, which was of keen interest, went to actor Nam Goong-min. Nam Goong-min played the role of Han Ji-hyuk, the main character of the National Intelligence Service’s on-site support team, in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Veil” (written by Park Seok-ho/directed by Kim Sung-yong), which aired from September to October this year.

While MBC Drama Department has been struggling with a series of disastrously low single-digit ratings, Nam Goong-min has raised “The Veil” to the highest rating of 9.8% (based on Nielsen Korea’s national households) with his reputable acting skills.

the red sleeve

The actors of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve” (written by Jung Hae-ri/directed by Jung Ji-in, Song Yeon-hwa), which first aired on November 12 and is set to end on January 1, were also notable. “The Red Sleeve” recorded a rating of 14.3% with the 15th episode aired on December 25th, breaking its own highest ratings. Lee Joon-ho and Lee Se-young, who had a perfect performance while portraying King Jeongjo Lee San and his court lady Seong Deok-im, won the Top Excellence Award for a Mini-Series and the Best Couple Award. This year’s Drama of the Year Award also belongs to “The Red Sleeve.”

Lee Joon-ho and Lee Se-young received favorable reviews from viewers for not only performing sorrowful romance in the drama, but also embodying historical characters that have been dealt with in many historical dramas with their own discrete and successful virtues.

The Best New Actor award, which is considered a meaningful award because it can only be received once in an actor’s life, was given to actor Kang Hoon, who played the role of the most handsome man Hong Deok-ro in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve,” and actress Kim Ji-eun, who showed her acting skills as a member of the National Intelligence Service in the drama “The Veil.”

Here are the winners of 2021 MBC Drama Awards:

Daesang: Nam Goong-min (The Veil)

Drama of the Year: “The Red Sleeve”

Top Excellence Award for a Mini-Series (Actor): Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young (The Red Sleeve)

Top Excellence Award for a Daily Drama: Cha Seo-won, Uhm Hyun-kyung (The Second Husband)

Excellence Award for a Mini-Series: Lee Sang-Yeob (On the Verge of Insanity), Jang Young-nam (The Veil)

Excellence Award for a Short-Form Drama: Jung Moon-sung (Moebius: The Veil), Kim Hwan-hee (Here’s My Plan)

Best Couple: Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young (The Red Sleeve)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Deok-hwa (The Red Sleeve)

Best Supporting Actor: Jang Hye-jin (The Red Sleeve), Kim Do-hyun (The Veil)

Best Screenwriter: Jung Hae-ri (The Red Sleeve)

Best New Actor: Kang Hoon (The Red Sleeve),, Kim Ji-eun (The Veil)


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