ITZY’s Lia rumored to have dated Show Me The Money’s BE’O in high school

The rumor was raised by a Korean netizen on Pann.

On November 16, a netizen on the popular Korean online forum Pann made a post listing the evidence that Lia of ITZY dated rapper BE’O of the show “Show Me The Money” when they were in high school. The post even includes photos that the two took together, sparking a heated debate in the comments.

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The post is as follows:

Lia and BE’O used to date? There are even photos 

itzy lia be'o
itzy lia be'o
show me the money be'o
show me the money be'o
Photo 1- 10

In a show featuring San E, rapper B.O, who is recently famous for his appearance on “Show Me The Money,” said his ex-girlfriend went to the same high school and is a famous girl group member. He said her appearance is on actress Ko So Young’s level. So netizens were digging up the girlgroup members that went to the same high school with him. It turned out that he was in the same class as Lia. There are even pictures that they took together.  He revealed he wrote a lot of song lyrics about his ex-girlfriend after breaking up. Is it real?

be'o song
Photo 11: BE’O song

He always writes love songs.

  • Lia was a normal person back then so of course she could date. It might not be her. It’s not some made-up fact. I posted this because I was curious about what the rappers said. 
  • Like the comments said, B.O didn’t say it. The rappers next to him said they were in the same class and the girl he was dating is now a girl group member.”

The above post has received 154,774 views, 307 agrees and 164 disagrees.

pann nate

Netizens’ comments:

  • [+265, -14] I don’t really like Lia, but I don’t know why you wrote this. There won’t be a lot of girls who haven’t dated anyone in the past. There’s nothing good to be known about, and the lyrics are pretty provocative, so why are you writing this?
  • [+238, -8] But they might take those kinds of photos because they were close. It’s normal for kids that go to art school to be close. A friend I know goes to art school and everyone are close to each other regardless of gender. Stop writing things about BE’O’s girlfriend on Pann.
  • [+216, -10] That song is about cigarettes, the “kk” sound also imitated the sound of coughing, I don’t think the lyrics are about his girlfriend…

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