(G)I-DLE Miyeon “I bought my parents a new car”…Parents’ Day flex

(G)I-DLE Miyeon unveiled her Parents’ Day filial piety flex.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon, Minnie and Yuqi appeared in the “Legendary Master” section of KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”, which aired on May 22nd.

Park Myung Soo asked, “Why did only 3 of you come?” (G)I-DLE caused laughter by answering, “Are 3 of us not enough?” In particular, Yuqi introduced herself, “I’m the center of (G)I-DLE.” Hearing this, Park Myung Soo said, “Aren’t you sirloin?” In response, Yuqi showed tiki-taka, “My name is Song Yuqi, and my nickname is beef.”


(G)I-DLE, who returned with their new song “Queencard”, presented a live stage. Even with only 3 members, they proved their skills by decorating a perfect live performance.

Minnie and Yuqi revealed that (G)I-DLE’s popularity exploded in Thailand and China. Yuqi said, “When Minnie goes to Thailand, she can’t get out of the airport. When I go to China, I can’t get off the plane.”

Yuqi went on to say, “My parents are in China. In China, there are separate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Last year, my father was sulky because I only took care of my mother. I made an account transfer to my mother recently. Father’s Day is next month, so I’m preparing for it.” Minnie said, “Thailand also has Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I give my parents pocket money, presents or flowers.” Miyeon received applause as she shared, “I give my parents a lot of gifts not only on Parents’ Day. I bought them a new car not too long ago.”

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(G)I-DLE made a comeback a week ago. Minnie told fans, “It’s a song full of confidence, so I hope you gain confidence after listening to it.” Miyeon said, “When I sang it, I felt comfortable as if I was singing in front of my dad. It was so warm.” Yuqi added, “We’re back with ‘Queencard’. The song is really good. I hope this song will become hot all over the world.

Source: Daum

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