An American model was invited to be a part of ‘Squid Game’ but refused because the director’s requirements were too difficult

After hearing the description for the character, this girl ran away without knowing that it was a role in 'Squid Game'!

‘Squid Game’ – Korea’s latest Netflix blockbuster has overwhelmed many viewers with the world of deadly games when debtors have to fight for each other’s lives to entertain the super-rich. The series achieved great success around the world, even setting records for Korean television. Behind the scenes of the series, there is also a rare story of Raye – an American female YouTuber and model.

Raye is an American model, currently living with her Korean husband. They became famous with the YouTube channel Raye & Jin. In the most recent vlog posted, Raye recounted the story of his almost joining the Squid Game.

Specifically, around October 2020, Raye received an invitation to participate in filming for a secret project. She will be paid 4500 USD for just 3 working days – a figure she says is extremely generous. However, the condition is given that she will only be able to wear underwear and use breast pads. She will also have drawings all over her body. This made Raye curious but also scared because she had no idea what she would be filming for. So, Raye refused.

raye squid game
The message shows that this role requires drawing face and body, not wearing a bra but using stickers, only wearing underwear. The role has no dialogue and does not involve sex. Actors must participate for 3 days and will get fully accommodation.

It was not until ‘Squid Game’ came out that Raye learned that the invitation she received that day was to join the series. However, Raye’s role will only be silent, naked servants in the VIP room. Needless to say, this role is not for everyone. Raye also expressed regret because within 3 days she still earned 4500 USD just by standing. However, her husband still insists on not wanting her to play this role.

raye squid game
The role that Raye was offered in ‘Squid Game’

Raye shared that in Korea, foreign girls can easily get a job as a model. Opportunities will find themselves through social networks.

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