K-pop idols with mind-blowing body flexibility

Let’s take a look at the K-pop idols who have incredibly flexible bodies. Every time they perform, they make fans “gasp”.

Most K-pop idols are trained to become an artist from a young age. They learn a lot of skills such as dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments… Therefore, besides vocals and visuals, many idols also have amazing flexibility. Viewers can’t help but admire the bending or leg-splitting performances of some idols. Let’s take a look at the Kpop idols who have incredibly supple bodies.

Idols who are known for their flexibility

Dahyun (TWICE)

When it comes to flexibility, Dahyun is probably the first name that many fans think of. Recently, the video of her appearance on Radio Star in 2020 has resurfaced. Dahyun used to freak everyone out because of her unique pose. The female idol comfortably turned 180 degrees, then raised her hand to make a heart shape. In previous shows that she participated in, she even showed off horizontal splits, pulled her legs up to her ears, or bent backward so that her legs and head touched each other…

Close-up of Dahyun’s “creepy” pose.


As BLACKPINK’s main dancer, Lisa’s level of flexibility is “superior”. If you watch the female idol’s dance performances closely, you will notice how flexible and smooth she is when executing every dance move. On TV shows and on stage, Lisa does not hesitate to show off movements that demonstrate her flexibility, for example, the “legendary” 90-degree perpendicular muscle stretch or her ab stretch.

Fans even call Lisa by the nickname “the boneless”.

Jimin (BTS)

Jimin is known for his eye-catching dancing stages. In order to perform difficult flying and jumping moves, it is necessary to have a flexible body like Jimin. He used to surprise fans by showing off his flexibility. To do this, Jimin has spent years practicing sleeping with his legs raised, pressing his feet against the wall or spreading his legs.

Even though he used to be injured, Jimin never gives up.

Mark (GOT7)

Most of GOT7‘s choreography involves a lot of acrobatics, and Mark is probably the best member at doing them. Since the early days of his debut, the male idol has impressed with his acrobatic skills combined with martial arts. GOT7’s oldest member is always ecstatic on stage with his stunts or acrobatics. He used to perform 3 flips in a row, surprising many fans.

Fans are “terrified” many times by Mark’s flips and tricks.

Victoria (f(x))

Victoria (f(x)) Having danced from a young age, Victoria has a supple body. Many times appearing on TV shows, the female idol did not hesitate to show her top-notch flexibility. The skills of splits or bends are probably not too difficult for the eldest f(x). Victoria’s performances surprised many artists to the point of panic.

Cheng Xiao (WJSN)

Cheng Xiao (WJSN) As one of the prominent rookies of the K-pop world today, Cheng Xiao is also shocking with his supple body. Even the female idol has become an attractive face on TV shows thanks to her flexiblity. She easily performs splits and bends without consuming too much strength.

In general, in addition to attractive visuals, these idols also possess a soft body that can be bent in all positions. Perhaps that’s why most of the above idols are the ones who take on difficult movements in the group’s choreography.

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