This GOT7 member was a JYP trainee but successfully made his debut after catching the eye of YG 

GOT7’s BamBam revealed the story behind his debut.

On December 18th, a video with GOT7’s BamBam as a guest was uploaded on the YouTube channel Psick Univ. 

MC Lee Yong Joo asked BamBam, “I heard that you had a very long trainee life. When was the most difficult time?”

BamBam answered, “I was a trainee for about 3 years. I think the last year as a trainee was the most difficult. I had less than six months left on my contract, but I wasn’t even in a debut group.”

got7 bambam

BamBam explained, “It wasn’t originally GOT7. It was GOT6 at first. I wasn’t originally in the group. There were supposed to be six members.”

BamBam said, “YG and JYP trainees once appeared on a survival show together. It’s a program called ‘WHO IS NEXT.’ One member was injured and couldn’t dance. Then the company told me to do it instead. After we finished the performance, CEO Yang Hyun Suk said that BamBam caught his eye. Then, JYP said, ‘Let’s put him in GOT7’. That’s how I debuted.”

got7 bambam

Meanwhile, BamBam debuted in 2014 with GOT7’s 1st mini album ‘Got it?’. All members of GOT7 did not renew their exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment last year. BamBam signed a contract with Abyss Company and is currently active as a soloist.

got7 bambam

Source: Wikitree. 

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