CLC Yujin was dissed by another contestant on “Girls Planet 999”

Tiffany and Sunmi’s smile suddenly stopped at the tension between two girls on Mnet’s new show.

When the pandemic situation is still complicated, the appearance of a new reality show like Girls Planet 999 is a breath of fresh air that brings entertainment to the viewers. The program gathers 99 girls from Korea, China, Japan to win debut slots in the winning girl group with 9 members.

In addition, viewers are no stranger to Mnet’s “ingenious” editing ability through previous shows, so there are many expectations for the show’s crew to show its talent on Girls Planet 999’s transformation. As expected, just in the 1st episode teaser, it’s already full of drama!

The story is besides introducing the contestants’ performances, Fu Yaning (Youth with you 2’s contestant) of the Chinese team was also asked if she had anything to say to Yujin of the CLC group.

In response, the Chinese trainee took the line from CLC‘s ‘Helicopter’ but changed the lyrics, from “I go up, helicopter” to “We go up, but you don’t”. Judges Sunmi, Tiffany, and other trainees were surprised at Fu Yaning‘s lyrics. However, with Mnet’s editing “talent”, we have to wait to see the whole 1st episode to know what was the truth!

1st episode of Girls Planet 999 will be broadcast on the upcoming August 6.

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