tvN wrote a whole love story about this Korean actor and rapper Jessi. His agency: “Let us explain” 

The company of actor Lee Sang Yeop had to clarify the relationship between him and famous rapper Jessie. 

On June 6th, tvN entertainment show “Sixth Sense 3” posted around 30 photos on their official Instagram account on June 6th with the caption “Warning. Watch out for this couple. Sang Yeop♥Jessi is in charge of behind-the-scenes reveal this time”.

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

Each photo showed sweet moments between the couple, from their first meeting to most recent interactions. Attached with them are cute captions, which describe a whole love story from strangers to lovers. 

In particular, the first photos said things like: “Our first meeting, which was awkward but heart-fluttering”, “We got close quickly”. Then, they became, “Just like that, we became lovers”, and “This is our anniversary”. 

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

The series of photos quickly went viral, leading to many netizens mistakenly believing that Lee Sang Yeop and Jessi actually got together through “Sixth Sense 3”

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

As a result, Lee Sang Yeop agency had to contact the media in clarification, saying: “While the SNS account of “Sixth Sense 3” wrote such a cute story, the alleged romantic relationship between Lee Sang Yeop and Jessi is not true.”

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

Regarding the matter, tvN also stepped up, sharing: “Our entertainment shows are just entertainment. Please do not misunderstand”. 

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

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