It’s confusing that YMC’s team could let Park Ji Hoon get on the stage with this face?

In the evening of 13rd Nov, Wanna One held a press conference to introduce their re-produced album “1-1 = 0” (Nothing Without You)”.

Showing up in the ballroom, 11 members of the group satisfied the photography journalists with their professional appearance and poses.

wanna one, comeback, 2017

Unfortunately, Park Ji Hoon, one of the most famous member of the group, had some trouble with his makeup. His foundation which was too white and in contrast to his skin became speckles on his face when combined with sweat. This together with the too thick (but not steady) lipstick cover seriously damaged Park Ji Hoon’s appearance.

wanna one, park jihoon, makeup, photo
In most of the photos of the photography journalists there, the “poor” face of Wink Boy made many audience regret.
wanna one, park jihoon, makeup, photo
However, in some rare photos, some journalists could help to recover his amazing visual.
kang daniel, wanna one, ong seongwoo, makeup, 2017
Kang Daniel, the “national center”, also had makeup fault, but he still looked better because his face and neck skin were not significantly different.
wanna one, bae jinyoung, 2017
What happened to Bae Jin Young, Wanna One’s famous and handsome boy with small face?
lee daehwi, photo, 2017,
Daehwi unluckily had a so white and speckled face that netizens were extremely shocked.

According to those stories, we can see that, though YMC has been criticized a lot about their job and management, they don’t earn any experience and have no progress at all.

Meanwhile, Wanna One is currently assessed as the most potential newbie group of Kpop. After debuting, they immediately got many huge achievements in terms of music and commercial fields. In September, Wanna One excellently ranked second for Top most powerful celebrities in Korean entertainment industry 2017 together with other powerful names such as Na Young Suk (the most famous PD of Korea), Kim Eun Sook (the writer of “Descendants of the Sun”),

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