“Evidences” that BLACKPINK has renewed contract with YG Entertainment 

There are many reasons that cause netizens to believe that BLACKPINK has renewed their contract with YG Entertainment.

Since the beginning of 2023, information surrounding the renewal of the contract between YG and BLACKPINK has always become hot topics on social network platforms. From Korean and international media to experts and fans, all have their own speculations about the BLACKPINK’s contract status, especially with the girl group being a major earner under YG. Amidst many doubts, many people still think that it is likely that BLACKPINK will continue to be active under their current agency. 

Below are some reasons behind their firm belief: 

Packed schedules throughout the first half of 2023, Jisoo confirms solo release

BLACKPINK will be occupied for the long-term with their world tour “BORN PINK”, which lasts from mid-October 2022 until mid-2023. Recently, the girls have completed their concert in the capital Riyadh of Saudi Arabia, as well as in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.They will be taking a break in the month of February, before gearing up again for various concerts from March to June in Asia, Oceania, and South America.


Notably, the word “And More” can be seen in BLACKPINK’s originally released tour schedule, proving that additional dates may be announced. As such, many fans are looking forward to encore concerts of the girl group. 

In addition to the group’s busy schedule, recently on a fan-only social networking platform, Jisoo said, “Please look forward to Jisoo’s solo release in 2023”, when asked about her solo album by fans. 

blackpink jisoo

With this revelation, a solo album can be expected for Jisoo within this year. However, because BLACKPINK is currently busy with their world tour, it is possible that Jisoo’s solo album will be released in quarter 3 or 4, after the contract renewal period.

Lisa bought a real estate property worth 7.5 billion won in Korea

In addition, Lisa recently bought a real estate property worth 7.5 billion won, proving that she will be staying in Korea in the long-term, and so may have renewed her contract with YG.  

Recently, Korean media reported that Lisa became the owner of a luxury villa costing 7.5 billion won in Seongbuk district, Seoul. This used to be the residence of Jang Seon Yoon – granddaughter of the founder of Lotte Group. It is known that the Seongbuk area is famous for being the residence of the Korean elite. Some A-list artists such as Bae Yong Joon, Lee Seung Gi, etc. also have real estate in this area.

blackpink lisa
Lisa owns a villa for the elite in Korea
One of the villas in the Seongbuk area

The fact that Lisa completed the payment for the villa in early 2023 shows that she has determined to live in Korea for a long time. This is also one of the reasons why many people believe that Lisa will not leave YG and continue to work in the Korean entertainment industry.

BLACKPINK’s show schedules in July 2023 have been confirmed

In addition to the BORN PINK world tour schedule, BLACKPINK is confirmed to perform at the British Summer Time Festival on July 2, 2023. Worth mentioning, although the debut product Boombayah was released in August, YG announced to the media about the BLACKPINK group in June 2018. So most likely, the contract between YG and BLACKPINK was signed before June instead of August.

In addition, regarding the rumor that BLACKPINK will join The Black Label company, YG has said “Unfounded”. For these reasons, netizens all think that it is likely that BLACKPINK has re-signed with YG and they are just waiting for the time to announce it.

BLACKPINK thumbnail
The contract between BLACKPINK and YG is said to have been signed before June 2016, so many people think that the contract has been renewed.

Source: k14

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