Jung Hae In’s Sweet Interaction with an Older Fangirl at Fan Meeting Captures Attention

This proves Jung Hae In charms women of all ages 

In August, Jung Hae In held a fan meeting in Manila, Philippines, as part of his 2023 ‘THE 10TH SEASON’ solo tour. What made this event special was a heartwarming moment caught on camera – Jung Hae In’s interaction with a devoted female fan who appears to be in her 60s.

The video of this sweet interaction has recently gone viral. The elderly fan couldn’t contain her excitement when she found herself standing in front of Jung Hae In on stage. The two shared precious moments as they took selfies together while doing finger hearts, and then sharing an affectionate hug. 

Online, netizens found this genuine exchange of affection between Jung Hae In and the fan adorable as they left comments such as “This is me in 20 years,” “Fangirling knows no age,” and “This is so cute and wholesome.” 

During the fan meeting in Manila, Jung Hae In also showcased his singing talents, captivating fans’ hearts with his sweet vocals. In particular, he sang Snowdrop’s OST “Memories More Than Love,” leaving an impression on all who attended.

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