“Big Mouth” Lee Jong-suk, from an escaped prisoner to a man who can see the future? Get ready for upcoming plot twists!

Lee Jong-suk and Lim Yoon-ah are ready to counterattack against “Big Mouse” and Gucheon-si.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (created by Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon, written by Kim Ha-ram, directed by Oh Chung-hwan, produced by AStory, Studio Dragon and A-Man Project), which has established itself as the king of Friday night fever, is heralding an even more exciting story starting from episode 9 (August 26th). In this regard, we pointed out key things to watch for in the second half that will help generously induce viewers’ over-immersion.

First of all, the focus is on the identity of “Big Mouse”, a character Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) is searching for. “Big Mouse” makes everyone’s sense of reasoning become sharper in every episode. Like Park Chang-ho, who is suspicious of everything, everyone around him has a motive to be “Big Mouse”, which tightens the tension. In particular, there are a lot of speculations about who is “Big Mouse”, who saves Park Chang-ho several times, and why he is doing this.

Currently, Park Chang-ho, who overcomes the crisis of death several times by being a stand-in for “Big Mouse” on an unwanted stage, has no choice but to risk his life to find “Big Mouse”. In addition, as he learned that Jerry (Kwak Dong-yeon), who was a strong candidate, was just an assistant, the search for “Big Mouse” returned to the starting point, and the process of Park Chang-ho revealing his true identity one by one is a sign of thrilling adrenaline.

Unpublished papers by Professor Seo Jae-yong (Park Hoon), the decisive cause of the murder at Gucheon Hospital, are emerging as a major point. Because they will even murder the VIPs to prevent those documents from being published to the world. In addition, Han Jae-ho (Lee Yoo-joon), one of the VIPs., expressed his strong fear of that paper, saying, “The moment I open my mouth, even if I’m still alive, I’ll be in hell.”

After the persistent pursuit, Ko Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-ah) found out that Jang Hye-jin (Hong Ji-hee) had the paper, and even persuaded her to hand it over under a deal with Gong Ji-hoon (Yang Kyung-won). The audience is paying attention to what the paper contains and how far its impact is. The future of this paper, which is deeply intertwined not only with the VIPs, but also with the entire Gucheon-si and its roots, is already pushing the drama’s tension to the highest.

Lastly, the relationship between Gucheon Hospital and Gucheon Prison, which seems to be two separate institutions but actually has a reluctant connection, is also an issue that should not be missed. There were already more than one or two suspicious details at Gucheon Hospital, as seen by Ko Mi-ho. Judging by how isolated it is, which is unlike other hospitals, the hospital director Hyun Joo-hee (Ok Ja-yeon)’s suspicious moves are drawing keen attention.

On top of that, strange things began to be detected in Gucheon Prison, which seemed to have no relation to the Gucheon Hospital other than volunteer work. While the hospital was already suspicious during the blood collection process in the name of a medical examination, last week’s episode also had an inmate suddenly vomit blood and collapse. Through these details, suspicions about the connection between Gucheon Hospital and Gucheon Prison have intensified, giving a hunch that a big secret is hidden in the connection between these two seemingly different institutions.

As such, “Big Mouse” heralded a fierce war as it entered the later half of the series. In this situation, where there are a lot of problems to solve, such as the real face of “Big Mouse” and the struggle with the VIPs, viewers can’t wait to see the next moves of Park Chang-ho and Ko Mi-ho.

Source: daum

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