B.I. “I’m sure someone is waiting for me, I’ll repay you with music”

B.I. expressed his musical view.

B.I talked about the 2022 global album project “Love or Loved [L.O.L.]” in an interview article released on the official website of the U.S. Billboard on May 19th (U.S. time).

The core theme of this global album project is love. B.I said, “I expressed the start of love, the breaking up of love, all the stages of love. This is a futuristic concept focused on the youth living in it, their love stories and rebellious moments.” In response, the music video of the free single “BTBT” released on May 13th also contains experimental scenes expressing his passionate emotions.


Through this, B.I. begins a new evolution. ‘BTBT’ is the beginning of an evolution that will define B.I’s future works. In this regard, he said, “It’s a very different style to what I’m used to but it falls back to wanting to show variety in myself and my music.”


Fans are the reason why B.I, who has been showing his movement as a solo artist since last year, is doing music. B.I said, “That’s one of the reasons I focused so strongly on my music,” he says. “It was my only outlet to kind of find myself again. It was a time for me to understand what it meant to be a good person, and that’s what I want to show the world, especially my fans.” Communication in various ways, including music, is predicted from B.I. He promised again, “I went ahead with one thought — to repay all the people who were by my side.”


As if implementing this, B.I will lead his 2022 global album project abundantly by releasing two EPs starting with “BTBT” this year. In particular, “BTBT” is receiving favorable reviews from domestic and foreign music fans not only for his music quality but also for the sensuous music video and performance version “in SEOUL” that contain respect for dancers.

Source: Daum

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