8 Korean actors with the best eye acting: Yoo Ah In surprised fans with his acting tips, Shin Ha Kyun’s eyes scared off viewers

Eye acting skill is one of the best talents that an actor should have. Below are the names of Korean actors who received many compliments for their excellent eye acting.

Yoo Ah In

After the big success of Voice of the Silence (2020) and Hellbound (2021), the viewers and critics were all curious about how Yoo Ah In could deliver so many messages and emotions only with his eyes. It is revealed that in Hellbound, his eyes didn’t show any reactions to the flash. Many of us might think he must have learned so many tips in order to possess this great acting skill. In response, Yoo Ah In’s answer was only “practice”. He revealed that he had researched a lot about how to open his pupils in a way that they would not react to even a small flash of light to make the white part of the eyes look darker. In addition, he doesn’t use too much force on his eye muscles to make it look glassy.

Ji Sung

Ji Sung has acted in many great dramas and left great impressions on the viewers. On of his most successful works was definitely Kill Me Heal Me (2015) when he played a character who has 7 identities. Since this 7 personalities inside the character takes turn to possess his body, Ji Sung had to change his expressions from time to time and that required him to show lots of eye actings. The only thing that could help audiences recognize who is who among the 7 identities was by looking at Ji Sung’s eyes. Doctor John (2019) was another drama in which Ji Sung also performed perfect eye acting by creating a cold-hearted look that could give a warm vibe at the same time. The weird actions of this doctor were portrayed completely by the moves inside his eyes.

Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo, who was the hottest Korean drama actor in 2016 due to the success of Goblin, cannot be missed out in this list. Apart from the funny scenes in this drama, the teary and heartbreaking scenes in which he acted together with Kim Go Eun also impressed the viewers a lot. Many audiences even said they could rewatch those moments because they are too hurtful. Moreover, appearing as a cameo in the recent hit drama Squid Game (2021), Gong Yoo added more tension to the scene with his annoying eyes during the paper-flipping game he played with the main character.

Shin Ha Kyun

Eye acting is like “a piece of cake” to an experienced actor like Shin Ha Kyun. His excellent eye acting skill was proved in the drama Beyond Evil (2021). After watching this series, many people were even scared of looking at his decisive eyes. Beyond Evil was so impressive that it even surpassed many prominent nominees to bring home the Best Drama, Best Screenplay (for screenwriter Kim Soo Jin), and Best Actor (for Shin Ha Kyun) at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Lee Seung Gi

In Lee Seung Gi‘s acting career, 2021 is a wonderful year when he receives a deluge of acclaim for his transition into a psychotic murderer in Mouse. Many details in Mouse led viewers to believe that Seung Gi‘s character, Jung Ba Reum, was a gentle guy. It was not until the truth is exposed that the audience perceives him as a shrewd, and crafty man. A cruel Jung Ba Reum is completely different from an honest Jung Ba Reum with amnesia. Lee Seung Gi‘s eyes express all of those opposing characteristics brilliantly.

Kim Seo Hyung

Kim Seo Hyung made a strong impact with “Sky Castle” (2018) and captivated fans’ hearts with a masterpiece Mine (2021) as Jung Seo Hyun, the oldest daughter-in-law of Hyowon Group. Seo Hyun is regarded as having a cool mind, being farsighted, and remaining calm in all situations. Kim Seo Hyung‘s skillful eye expression compels viewers to applaud her. The actress has an emotive eye and employs restraint in her eye movements to ensure that the emotions are correctly expressed while yet having the depth that they require. Look into Kim Seo Hyung‘s eyes while watching Mine, you will be amazed by her perfect body control.

Lee Bo Young

Another actor in Mine also received many compliments for her ability to act with her eyes. She is Lee Bo Young. Ji Sung‘s wife is well-known for a variety of complex roles, including Whisper (2017) and Mother (2018). From her emotive eyes to her voice color, Lee Bo Young‘s acting talents in “Mine” are on par with senior Kim Seo Hyung. Lee Bo Young‘s voice color and eyes are a high-damage weapon in the emotional climax scenes because when combined, they genuinely move the audience’s heart.

Soo Ae

Soo Ae is fondly called by fans with the title “queen of tears” because of her gifted wet eyes. However, she also took a long time to get rid of being labeled with tragic roles. The actress put a lot of effort into making her melancholy eyes not only work to their full potential but also express different levels of emotions. Recently, Soo Ae is also returning to the Korean film race with jTBC’s project Artificial City. In the drama, she plays Yoon Hae Hee, who has the ambition to rise to the highest position in society.

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