U-Know Yunho’s House Full of Wood Tone and Flower-Patterned Wallpaper + Others “I Thought He Was Living With His Grandfather”

Yang Se-hyung made a joke about U-Know Yunho’s home interior taste

In the 221st episode of MBC’s variety show “Where is my home,” which aired on September 28, the clients guested on the show were looking for houses or apartments located in Bucheon or Incheon. The budget was around 500 million won for sale or lease.

U-Know YunHo

Asked if he liked white interiors, U-Know Yunho, who went to see the house with announcer Park Ji-min and Jang Dong-min as Bok team coordinators, shared his taste, saying, “As you can see from my house, I feel comfortable with wood.”

U-Know Yunho’s house was revealed through other shows in the past with wood tone and flower-patterned wall paper.

U-Know YunHo

When Yang Se-hyung watched the video, he quivered, “I thought he was living with his grandfather when I saw the video for the first time,” while Jang Dong-min sided with U-Know Yunho, saying, “I like to be old-fashioned.”

Source: daum

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