“It’s okay to be pretty, young, rich and empty”… Superstar’s life seen by a famous dancer

Everyone imagines the life of a superstar like BTS or BLACKPINK at least once.

Then, what do celebrities think about the life of idols, who are loved by people all over the world?

Comedians Jo Se Ho and Lee Yong Jin, dancer Gabee, broadcaster Poongja and YouTuber Kwaktube appeared on the YouTube web entertainment show “Mouth on Wheels”, which was released on Nov 22nd.

The topic of this day’s discussion was “If you could be recruited as a member of BLACKPINK or BTS right now, would you do it or not?”.

As soon as Gabee heard the topic, she replied, “Honestly, I want to try it (become a BLACKPINK member) at least once.”

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She expressed her envy, “It’s great to be luxury brands’ ambassador.”

Gabee let her imagination run free, “If I were a superstar, I’d wake up at 5 AM, do physical training at home gym, eat the food the chef made for lunch and manage my diet.”

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Lee Yong Jin had a different opinion, “I know the emptiness that BTS feels. After all, aren’t stars and their private lives separated? There is that emptiness and loneliness. I don’t want to feel that.”

Gabee immediately refuted Lee Yong Jin’s words, “I think it’s okay to be empty while being BLACKPINK.”

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She added, “It’s okay to be pretty, rich, young and empty.”

Jo Se Ho agreed with Gabee, “I want to feel the feeling of standing on big stages like BTS.”

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Despite Jo Se Ho and Gabee’s repeated persuasion and insistence, Lee Yong Jin did not change his opinion.

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Lee Yong Jin revealed that he performed in front of 2 people and in front of 800 people, and that an increase in the number of audiences would not make him happier.

Source: Insight

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