Jennie appeared at the airport heading for Paris and how was her outfit compared to 4 previous times?

After Jisoo, Jennie is the next BLACKPINK member to appear at the airport to fly for Paris Fashion Week.

Jisoo has already attended Dior’s Fall/Winter 2022 show. Because Rosé was positive with the virus, she could not go to France. Celine hasn’t held a show within the framework of Fashion Week lately, so it’s not known if Lisa has any activities for the time being. Jennie is the only member of BLACKPINK to still continue her journey in the West. Today, she appeared at the airport to move to France, ready for the Chanel show that will take place on March 8th.

Aside from Jennie‘s airport outfit today, let’s summarize the previous times when she also went to Paris Fashion Week.

Jennie Blackpink airport oufits
Remember when Jennie attended the Fall/Winter 2019 show, wearing a white tweed dress like a snow princess? That time, she didn’t announce the airport schedule, so the fans could only know that Jennie was at the French airport thanks to the photo of a passerby. The all-black outfit couldn’t be simpler but not trivial with a bag of $5,000.
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