Seungri is under fire for demanding female idol Kim Se Jeong (Gugudan) to pour his drinks

Both the netizens and Big Bang’s fans are criticizing Seungri strongly for his thoughtless action in the latest episode of “Salty Tour”.

Yesterday August 28th, netizens showed their angry attitude towards Seungri‘s (Big Bang) thoughtless action during the new episode of “Salty Tour”. Seungri had made a thoughtless and almost sexist action against the female idol Kim Se Jeong (Gugudan) and he has been receiving so many criticisms online for it. On the show, the male idol gathered with the casts to have dinner and chat together. Notably, as the meeting was going on smoothly, Seungri suddenly suggested that Se Jeong should pour a glass of drink for the most attractive male guest. To be specific, Seungri said: “Se Jeong has attended “Salty Tour” before right? There are 5 men here. Let’s forget about their reputations, conditions and wealth. Base on the appearances, characteristics and styles, you should pour a glass of beer for the person who you think is the most attractive.

Kim Se Jeong appeared to be uncomfortable with the request and she hesitated for a little bit. Despite being uncomfortable, the female idol continued to carry out the request because the show was being recorded. However, Seungri’s action angered the netizens since the demand was incredibly impolite to Se Jeong. In Korean tradition, only the women in the brothel and the bar had to pour the drinks for men. Sometimes, it’s also an implication that the person who has to pour the drinks is in a lower class. Not only is this action impolite and thoughtless, it can also be considered as an act of sexism towards the only female guest on the show.

The special part is that even Big Bang’s fan showed the angry reaction with Seungri’s action. Many fans commented on some posts on Seungri’s Instagram account and they demanded the male idol to explain and apologize for this indecent action.

Seungri is under fire for demanding female idol Kim Se Jeong (Gugudan) to pour his drinks

-“I would’ve been uncomfortable to death if I was Kim Sejeon. Why is he forcing her to do that?”

-“He’s been on broadcast for over 10 years now. Seriously, it’s either that he’s thoughtless or naïve”

-“I took this from another post talking about this incident and it seems like even the Bigbang fans aren’t shielding this. They are all asking Seungri to give some feedback about the situation on his Instagram.”

-“He’s really bad at keeping up with the generation shift… just read the lyrics to his new song. He should study a bit about female discrimination”

Considering that Seungri has been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years, the action was inacceptable. Since it related to the issue of female discrimination, many fans were disappointed by his thoughtless action. Let’s hope that Seungri will response and explain about the situation properly in the near future.


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