Seungri Joked About Jennie Touching Him & Got Criticized On The Stage Of BLACKPINK Concert

BLACKPINK Jennie once expressed discomfort and bluntly condemned Seungri for making a joke about her

Seungri’s sex scandal with his friends seem to be lasting for a long time and it hasn’t come to an end when new details are released daily. Attracting the most attention at the present time is the details surrounding the group chat talking about sex, sharing illegal sex clips and the accusation of being prostitution brokers…

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While the public is “overwhelming” with the news relating to this scandal, many of Seungri’s past actions and words have been “dug up” by fans. Some of them showed the true sides of artists who are related to the messy scandals as well as the image deception in front of the public through television.

And a recent conversation when Seungri was a guest at Black Pink’s Korean concert made the international fan community buzz. Seungri is suspected of throwing false rumors about Jennie, Jennie knows it and “interrogate” the senior right at their concert in front of thousands of fans.

“Suspicious” conversation between Seungri and Black Pink.

Specifically, at the beginning of the conversation, Jennie boldly “seized” the senior by asking jokingly: “I heard you say that I touched your shoulder at the back of the stage but I never did it “.

As soon as Jennie said this, Seungri did not answer but immediately sang a sentence in Jennie’s “Solo” as if he wanted to change the subject immediately.

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Jennie boldly spoke about Seungri spreading false rumors about what she never did.

And yet, after talking to Lisa and Rosé, it was Seungri’s turn to interact with Jisoo and she also said non-related things about Seungri’s kindness.

Seungri: “Jisoo has been a long time”.
Jisoo: “You are really kind at the concert!”
Seungri: “Hey hey (speaks in a very quiet voice), quiet quiet …”
Jisoo: “I was very surprised because you’re so kind”
Seungri: “Jisoo, I love you, I love you …”

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The whole stage laughed loudly as if everyone understood this joke of Jisoo, even Jennie supported Jisoo with all her might because she boldly “interrogated” the seniors in front of many people. At that time, the conversation took place in a happy atmosphere, so Black Pink was so comfortable to talk and the appearance of Seungri in the concert to support the juniors made the fans extremely warm.

However, after a series of recent scandals, it showed a completely different image of Seungri that cause many people to shiver. Therefore, when reviewing this conversation, the fans felt that Jennie, Jisoo and Black Pink all knew that Seungri had a different personality, so they took the opportunity in front of the fans to pretend to be joking but actually, they were showing the real side of him.

Fans are also worried about Black Pink as Seungri was quite close to the group. Even fans joked that Seungri is the 5th member of Black Pink. But after watching the video, Jennie was very straightforward and brave when “interrogating” Seungri on stage.

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After the scandal, international fans shiver when watching this clip again.

Sources: k14

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