BTS Jimin shows off his variety skills in new sports-themed entertainment content 

Jimin radiates the charm of a true entertainer in BTS’s entertainment content. 

On February 21, BTS released their own entertainment show “Run BTS” special episode “Mini Field Day Part 2”. This is the second finale episode following last week’s “Mini Sports Day”. It started with a game of putting 20 ping-pong balls on a weight-shaped structure and climbing the stairs without dropping them.

BTS Jimin

Jimin first subdued the ping-pong balls with his eyes, then entered the game, but collapsed due to the members’ laughing attack. In response, Jimin dreamed of revenge and showed a great sense of entertainment, making everyone laugh. 

The last game was 4v3 soccer played on a slippery, soapy water pitch. Jimin gathered four members of the underdog (a team or player with a low probability of winning but gains support from fans) to form an “entertainment team.”

BTS Jimin

Prior to the soccer game, Jimin said, “I am Park Heung Min. Oh, I will go with Son Jimin. Son Jimin!”, revealing his special affection for soccer star Son Heung Min and even creating his own new nickname.

Jimin added fun by recreating Son Heung Min’s click ceremony, saying that an own goal was also a goal when a ball blocked by the goalkeeper of the same team hit his helmet and went into the goal post in a free kick situation.

BTS Jimin

When Jimin, who was the ace of his team, burst into laughter and showed goal-making ability that was inversely proportional to his passion, he finally put his hands together and showed a “Sorry Ceremony” rather than a ceremony of victory. In the golden goal penalty shootout, he raised his fists and scored beautifully.

Jimin even received cheers from the production team and reenacted Son Heung Min’s winning ceremony again. This is the same gesture as in Jimin’s solo song “Filter”.

BTS Jimin

“Run BTS”, in which Jimin took the spotlight with his wit, ended with the promise that it would return someday at the end of this episode.

Fans responded enthusiastically, such as “Our Jimin is funny even when he breathes”, “There is no more perfect variety show”, “Jimin is also a genius in variety shows”, “Park Jimin, the ace of the entertainment industry. He urgently needs to appear in a variety show”.

Source: Nate

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