New virtual Kpop girl group boast uncanny realism, compared to an aespa member

After a teaser image of a new virtual group was released, netizens can’t help but compare them to an aespa member. 

Nowadays, it has been a rising trend to combine Kpop artists with technology, particularly AI. Recently, the first teaser image of the virtual Kpop girl group MAVE has been drawing attention. 

In particular, MAVE consists of 4 members Marty, Zena, Tyra, Siu, and is debuting under Metaverse Entertainment. They are a collaboration project between Netmarble F&C and Kakao, and will be released in the near future.

MAVE is receiving a lot of attention for being the first virtual idol project to have members that look uncannily real. They are also said to look much more realistic than the AI versions of existing girl groups such as BLACKPINK and aespa. 

aespa synk road

In the midst of this, netizens are actively mentioning aespa Karina over the new virtual girl group. According to them, Karina’s AI-like visuals has truly proven itself this time, seeing that the MAVE members look like different versions of Karina. Some even suspected that Metaverse Entertainment took Karina as inspiration for their virtual idols. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • They look extremely realistics… If this works, companies will start producing virtual idols for sure. These members can have excellent vocals and visuals to the taste of the company. Kind of like V-tuber. 
  • I’m going to make it simple. From left to right, they are: Karina in Pucca hair, Karina in ponytail, Karina in pigtails, and Karina with silver hair. 
  • aespa Karina truly has “AI visuals”. Literally all these AIs look exactly like Karina. 
  • They just look like 4 Karinas in different styling. No wonder why people keep comparing her to AIs. 
  • Did they take Karina as inspiration? I just think the similarities are too uncanny

Source: k14

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