Child actor who starred in various famous K-dramas, turns 21 this year and is enlisting in the military 

Loved by viewers for his dazzling visuals and good acting in various K-drama roles, this child actor decided to fulfill his military duty early. 

On September 11, the mother of former child actor Nam Da Reum revealed the recent whereabouts of her son in the military through Instagram, drawing much attention. 

Nam Da-reum

She posted a four-cut sticker photo of Nam Da Reum in the army uniform, in which he shows off his manly look and youthful charm. Netizens are amazed at Nam Da Reum’s mature and handsome visuals. Some left comments saying he looks like the main character of a drama. 

Nam Da Reum’s mother also sincerely expressed how much she missed her son after sending him to the military at an early age. She wrote on Instagram, “My son’s first vacation, which was the best birthday present of my life. When I could see him, the weather was clear and sunny, but when it was time to part, it was raining all day. He’s back as the country’s son again.”

At the age of 21, Nam Da Reum joined the army on February 8 of this year and is currently serving in the 22nd Infantry Division.

Before enlistment, Nam Da Reum shared his thoughts on his fan cafe, saying, “Since I was young, my goal was to go to the army early. I couldn’t go at the age of 20, but I’m glad I could go at the age of 21.”

He added, “I will return as a more mature person when I come back from the military and show a better image as an adult and an actor.”

Nam Da-reum

Nam Da Reum received much love as a child actor and was a promising actor in his 20s, but as soon as he turned 21, he suddenly made the decision to enlist early, making many fans regret.  

Nam Da Reum’s expected discharge date is August 7, 2023. Attention is paid to what kind of acting performance he will show and how he will win the hearts of viewers after being discharged.

nam da reum

Meanwhile, Nam Da Reum made his acting debut when he played the child version of Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) in KBS2’s 2009 drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

Nam Da Reum later became more familiar to K-drama viewers by appearing in various famous works such as SBS’s “Pinocchio”, SBS’s “While You Were Sleeping”, tvN’s “Goblin”, etc. 

Nam Da Reum

He has played the younger version of handsome actors such as Lee Jong Suk, Jang Ki Yong, and Jung Hae In, boasting dazzling visuals and excellent acting skills.

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