Find out about “Street Man Fighter” crews JustJerk and Prime Kingz

“Street Woman Fighter” (“SWF”), which caused a dance syndrome last year, returned with a male version. Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” (“SMF”) began its first broadcast on Aug 23rd.

Street Man Fighters” features 8 dance crews with brilliant careers, including crews that are attracting attention on the global stage and crews responsible for the choreography of K-pop artists.

From BankTwoBrothers, EO-DDAE, Mbitious, YGX, 1MILLION, WeDemBoyz, JustJerk to Prime Kingz, 8 dance crews are presenting outstanding dance battles, performances and dancers’ growth stories.

Amid growing curiosity among viewers and prospective viewers about dancers, we briefly summarized the profiles of 8 competing teams.

◇ JustJerk

JustJerk is a crew of 7 members: leader Young-J, sub-leader J-Ho, S-One, Howl, Hulk, Ye-jun and Min-seo.

It is a world-renowned team that won many domestic and Asian dance competitions. They won the world dance competition “Body Rock 2016” and advanced to the final of the famous audition program “America’s Got Talent”. They also performed at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Just Jerk

Leader Young-J expressed confidence in the first broadcast of “SMF”, “Our team is the national representative of Korea. A crew with a profile that can’t be surpassed.”

Leader Young-J has a history of helping the team he was assigned to win when appearing as a trainer on KBS2’s “Dancing High”, which aired in 2018.

Lee Jung, who appeared on “SWF” last year, was known to be from the first generation of JustJerk, making headlines.

◇ Prime Kingz

Prime Kingz is a crew of 6 members: leader Trix, sub-leader Knucks, 2face, Door, Counter and Kyoyung Jr..

The main genre is Krump (a genre of street dance characterized by free and dynamic movements). They won the 2016 European Buck Session and took the top spot in krump competitions around the world.

Leader Trix and sub-leader Knucks said in the first broadcast, “The strengths that only our crew has are muscle, strength, energy and craziness.”

Prỉme Kingz

Member Knucks is known as the boyfriend of team “CocaNButter” leader Ri.hey. Along with Prime Kingz members, he supported “CocaNButter” in the “SWF” semi-final “Men of Women” mission, resulting in No.1 Fight Judges’ Score.

Leader Trix was active as a member of the winning team Blue Eye on Mnet’s “Dancing 9” season 2 in 2014 and season 3 in 2015. He also became the first Asian to win the world’s largest Krump dance battle “THE KRUMPIRE” in 2018.

“SMF”, which bets the pride of male dancers, airs every Tuesday at 10:20 PM.

Source: Daum

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