AOA Seolhyun leaves FNC after 10 years… a beautiful farewell

Singer and actress Seolhyun has left her agency without renewing her contract with FNC, a longtime company.

According to an OSEN coverage on the afternoon of October 20th, Seolhyun’s exclusive contract with her current agency, FNC Entertainment, is scheduled to end at the end of October. After an amicable discussion, both sides decided not to renew the contract, and while cheering for each other’s future, they separated beautifully and decided to go their separate ways.


Seolhyun, who broke up with FNC, is said to be meeting with various companies in the process of moving to a new agency. She said that as she has set her direction as an actress rather than a singer, she is careful about her next move.

Seolhyun, who made her debut with the girl group AOA’s 1st single album in 2012, received great love for various hit songs such as “Mini Skirt”, “Short Hair”, “Heart Attack”, ”Bingle Bangle”, and more. The female idol also became a popular model for advertisement and a syndrome for her gorgeous visuals and physique. 

The Killer's Shopping List

In addition to being a singer, Seolhyun has also been acting in several projects, including dramas like “My Daughter Seoyoung”, ”Orange Marmalade”, “My Country: The New Age”, “Day and Night”, “The Murderer’s Shopping List”, as well as movies like “Gangnam Blue”, “Memoirs of a Murderer”, “The Great Battle”, etc. 

Seolhyun, who has been with FNC for the past 10 years and has drawn attention as both a singer and actress, will be starring in the Genie TV original drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” (literal translation). In this new work, which is created by director Lee Yoon Jung, who is behind hit projects like “Cheese in the Trap” and “Coffee Prince”, Seolhyun will assume the role of Lee Yeo Reum, a voluntary unemployed person, and co-star alongside idol-actor Im Siwan.

FNC Entertainment’s statement is as follows:

“Hello. This is FNC Entertainment.

After long conversation and discussion with Seolhyun, FNC Entertainment has agreed to end our management work [with Seolhyun].

Since her debut in 2012, Seolhyun has impressed in many different fields as an artist who represents FNC Entertainment.

We convey our gratitude to Seolhyun for trusting us and being with us for a long time, and we express our gratitude to all the fans who always send love and support without holding back. The agency will continue to sincerely support Seolhyun’s activities going forward, and we ask for your unchanging love and support for Seolhyun as she prepares to make a new start.

Thank you.”

Source: Nate

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