Does “rom-com queen” Park Min Young fail to spark convincing chemistry with her male co-stars in “Love in Contract”? 

The “rom-com queen” position of Park Min Young seems to be shaking. 

The kiss scene between Park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo in the ongoing rom-com drama “Love in Contract” is deemed awkward instead of heart-fluttering. Park Min Young, who is known as the “rom-com queen” among K-drama actresses for her ability to create romantic chemistry no matter who she is paired up with, is unable to create any chemistry in this work.

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In “Love in Contract”, Park Min Young transforms into a character with an unfamiliar job as a marriage contractor. She pretends to be the wives of single clients. She has been divorced 12 times and there is nothing she isn’t willing to do. Hidden in it was the secret that she was an adopted child raised by a chaebol family for marriage. She keeps her sadness and secrecy behind a lovely appearance.

In addition, her love triangle with Jung Ji Ho (Go Kyung Pyo) and Kang Hae Jin (Kim Jae Young), is meant to add fun to the drama. 

Love In Contract

However, unlike the exciting narrative in the beginning, viewers have started to grow bored with the development of the story. Go Kyung Pyo’s character, who lacks social skills, fails to capture the hearts of women. Kim Jae Young’s presence as the second male lead is still weak.

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Most of all, it is a shame that Park Min Young, who has succeeded in leading successive rom-com hits such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” and “Her Private Life”, is unable to show off her charm in “Love in Contract”. At the start of the drama’s broadcast, the fact that she was in a relationship with a suspicious businessman was making headlines. There is also a lot of aftermath over their breakup announcement that hastily ended the scandal. 

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As a result, the ratings of Park Min Young’s drama are also going downhill. The rating of “Love in Contract” latest episode aired on October 19th, was the drama’s lowest rating yet at 2.7%. In this episode, Park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo confirmed each other’s feelings with a kiss and started dating for real instead of maintaining their fake marriage. However, viewers responded that the ending kiss between the two was too sudden.

Forecasting Love and Weather

Park Min Young returned to a rom-com after 4 months of “Forecasting Love and Weather”. However, unlike her previous drama, where her chemistry with Song Kang was on the rise, the reaction to “Love in Contract” has been so-so. This is a situation in which Park Min Young’s personal life issues are involved, which is more damaging. This is why attention is being paid to whether “Love in Contract” will be able to change the downward trend in ratings and whether Park Min Young will be able to keep the “rom-com queen” nickname.  

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