The reason why IU appears on the ending credit of Netflix’s new series “The Sound of Magic” despite not starring in the drama

The warm heart of singer IU and her support for Netflix’s drama “The Sound of Magic” are drawing attention.

“The Sound of Magic (Annarasumanara)” is a fantasy musical drama that tells the story that happens when mysterious magician Lee Eul (Ji Chang-wook), suddenly appears in front of Yoon Ah-yi (Choi Sung-eun), the girl who lost her dream, and Na Il-deung (Hwang In-yeop), the boy who is forced to dream.

The Sound Of Magic

Various OSTs were added to each episode to embody the fairytale feelings that cross reality and fantasy. In particular, music in this drama plays the role of a way to extend the emotional lines between characters rather than a dramatic twist.

While music is the medium to convey the emotions of the characters in this drama, “Knees” – one of IU’s representative songs also appeared in the drama’s introduction. In this regard, director Kim Seong-yoon of “The Sound of Magic” revealed the behind story of using IU’s song “Knees” in the drama through an interview with Celuvmedia on May 10th.


Yoo-yi (Hong Jung-min) touched the viewers’ hearts in the scene where she sings an acapella version of “Knees” while showing her emotional acting. 

Regarding the reason he chose “Knees” among so many songs, director Kim Seong-yoon explained, “The song ‘Knees’ is the most suitable song to express Yoo-yi’s feeling of longing for her mom and dad”.

The Sound Of Magic

Director Kim also said that IU allowed him to use this song in the drama without hesitation. He added, “I said I had to buy the copyright to release ‘Knees’ all over the world, but IU told me to just use it since she is the person who wrote and composed the song. I was so thankful. We actually became close to each other after working together in the drama ‘Dream High’”.


Touched by IU’s warm heart, director Kim Seong-yoon put her name on the ending credit of “The Sound of Magic”. 

Earlier in 2011, IU appeared in KBS2’s drama “Dream High” directed by Kim Seong-yoon. Even though it has been such a long time since they worked together, IU still showed her loyalty by cherishing her past relationship with director Kim.


In addition, IU once responded to the request of director Kim Jong-kwan, who was in charge of directing the 2020 movie “Josee”. At that time, director Kim Jong-kwan wanted to use the song “Lullaby”, which was written and composed by IU herself, as the ending credit theme song for “Josee”. He asked for IU’s permission and IU attracted attention as she agreed immediately, saying she loved the idea so much. 


With such warm actions, IU and her music, which adds sensitivity to the works and helps them captivate the eyes and ears of viewers, once again drew admiration.


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