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Not Hyolyn, this is the most experienced participant in Mnet’s “Queendom 2”

Halfway through its journey, “Queendom 2“ suddenly revealed the most experienced person on the show, and it is not Hyolyn. 

After the success of “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Dance Girls Fighter”, Mnet launched “Queendom 2”, which boasted super talented female Kpop idols and delivered stunning performances. After 2 rounds of blood, sweat, and tears, the audience can’t help but admire the sheer determination and talent poured into each and every stage. 

In episode 5, the position challenge is revealed, and members of each group are sorted into two categories of skills: vocal and dance. At the moment, 3 singing units and 3 dancing units have been established, with former SISTAR member Hyolyn competing in both categories since she’s a solo artist.

“Queendom 2” features the most talented female artist of Kpop’s 3rd generation. 

Not befalling expectations, episode 6 of “Queendom 2” constantly took the audience by surprise. Alongside tiring practice sessions and jaw-dropping performances, there was also a picnic before things got heated, which has left a lasting impression to both the competitors and the audience. 

The most experience artist in “Queendom 2” 

Before competing in the third round of Queendom, participants of the show got to attend a picnic with MC Lee Yong Jin. Here, everyone including those at the picnic was blown away to learn that there’s someone who debuted way earlier than the super seasoned Hyolyn

queendom 2
Kep1er’s Daeyeon looks cute with her bright round eyes and chubby face.

Having debuted in 2010 and with 12 years of experience, Hyolyn is considered the senior of the show. However, it turns out that Kep1er’s Daeyeon has entered the industry since 2006, even earlier than SNSD

Apparently, Daeyeon appeared in the popular series “Famous Chil Princess” when she was only 4 years old, playing the daughter of Na Soon Chil and Yoon Ha Nam – played by Lee Tae Han and Park Hae Jin). The early debut allows Daeyeon to easily own the stage and handle accidents on Queendom 2. For example, she tripped from the stage in round 2 but returned promptly without delay, so quickly that people would only notice if they squinted. 

queendom 2
Her early debut in the entertainment industry makes Daeyeon a true stage master. 

In round 3, 37 idols voted SeolA from WJSN as the “queen of queen”, and the moment her name was called, the female artist showed the cutest reaction. SeolA’s expression is evening going viral across the net, earning her numerous praises from netizens. 

Mentoring from “Street Woman Fighter” professional dancers 

Those whose strength is dancing are split into three 3 promising units: KEV1Z (KEP1ER’s Shen Xiaoting, Hikaru, Kim Dayeon and VIVIZ’s Umji, SinB);  EX-IT (Hyolyn, WJSN’s Eunseo and Yeoreum) and Queen Is Me (Brave Girls’ Eunji, LOONA’s Olivia Hye, Yves, Heejin, and Choerry).

queendom 2
Mentor Gabee of dance crew LACHICA on “Queendom 2”

To prepare the fieriest dance performances between these units of female idols, Mnet invited famous dancers from “Street Woman Fighter” to become mentors. EX-IT received guidance from LACHICA members, KEV1Z practiced with mentoring from HolyBang’s Hertz, and Queen Is Me members were instructed by PROWDMON’s Monika. With the support of such talented dancers and choreographers, the 3 dance units promise to bring show-stopping dance performance in episode 7 of “Queendom 2”. 

Brave Girls’ chance to turn the situation around 

queendom 2

Being placed last two rounds in a row has put a pressure on Brave Girls. In the last round before the final, everything seems to be going well for the group.

Minyoung was selected by the front-runner Hyolyn to join her in the vocal performance. Eunji also managed to show off her top-notch dancing skills. With Hyolyn and Minyoung’s moving “To My Youth” performance, Brave Girls’ opportunity to rise to the top of the rankings is increasing.

Following the success of season 1, season 2 of Mnet’s competition show “Queendom” brings together female idols from 3 generations of K-pop: Brave Girls, VIVIZ, KEP1ER, Hyolyn, WJSN and LOONA. After more than half of its run, the competition is getting more intense. Will any of these names have to say goodbye before the final round?

Mnet’s “Queendom 2” airs every Friday. 

Source: K14

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