Police “If Yoo Ah In continues to refuse investigation, we’ll apply for arrest warrant”

As actor Yoo Ah In (Uhm Hong Sik, 37) who is accused of using 5 types of drugs including cocaine, was absent from the second police investigation, the police announced their plan to summon and question him as soon as possible.

Woo Jong Soo, chief of the National Office of Investigation, said at a meeting on May 15th, “It’d be better to arrange an attendance date as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to apply for an arrest warrant.”


Yoo Ah In was scheduled to undergo the second police investigation on May 11th, but refused the investigation and returned home because there were many reporters in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Mapo building.

The police notified the attendance schedule again, but Yoo Ah In is reportedly in a position to guarantee a private summons. If Yoo Ah In continues to refuse, the police will use compulsory measures such as application for an arrest warrant.

Mr. Woo Jong Soo added, “We can’t disclose (the investigation plan) because (Yoo Ah In) reacts very sensitively to the date and time of the summons.”


When asked if the police would consider applying for an arrest warrant if Yoo Ah In refused to be investigated, he replied, “If the schedule can’t be coordinated, of course we’ll have to do so.”

On the other hand, Yoo Ah In’s legal representative said, “Even though the attendance schedule was already revealed, Yoo Ah In wanted to participate in the investigation and asked the police to take possible measures, such as entering and exiting through a different route in accordance with the principle of private summons, but it was not accepted.”

They added, “Although the circumstances are unknown, the additional consultation process between the police and lawyers was reported in real time, and distorted articles were reported as if Yoo Ah In refused to attend because of reporters (gathering in front of the police station).”

Source: daum

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