A 20-year-old Boys Planet contestant revealed his special relationship with TWICE Nayeon

Yuehua’s Ji Yoon Seo and TWICE Nayeon are confirmed to be cousins. 

Currently, netizens are buzzing that TWICE Nayeon was a cousin to Boys Planet’s contestant Ji Yoon Seo. The information started when a post on Theqoo titled “Nayeon is cousin to Boys Planet Ji Yoon Seo,” along with past photos, gained popularity among netizens. 


The image showed a much younger Ji Yoon Seo posing alongside TWICE Nayeon, her mother and other TWICE members. 

Moreover, a photo believed to have been posted by Ji Yoon Seo’s mother on social media was also released. In the photo, Ji Yoon Seo and Nayeon were posing together in the waiting room for TWICE’s concert.

 In response, Ji Yoon Seo’s agency Yuehua Entertainment confirmed, “The two are Gojong’s cousins (cousins on the father’s side). Ji Yoon Seo’s aunt is TWICE Nayeon’s mother.”


In his one-minute introduction on Boys Planet, Ji Yoon Seo also revealed his past career as an ice hockey player in a charming presentation, saying, “I used to be an ice hockey player, but now I’m running hard toward my dream with a goal of becoming an idol!” 

Mnet’s “Boys Planet” is an audition program aiming to create a global K-pop boy group. In Korea, the show ranks first in the non-drama and show category and is attracting attention from all over the world.

Source: wikitree

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