BTS Jimin shows his amazing popularity on social networks by setting new records with his own hashtag and the OST for “Our Blues”

Jimin of BTS has set a new record for being number one in the world for Instagram hashtags 

On the 14th, on Instagram, the hashtag ‘#JIMIN’ surpassed 69 million, and Jimin re-established his personal record. 

bts jimin our blues ost

Jimin, the world number one on Instagram, shows his huge power as the strongest social media player by showing his unparalleled presence on the throne, beating not only singers famous but also famous people around the world.


Jimin, who opened an Instagram personal account in December last year, has shown the potential to attract 36.7 million followers, leading a high participation rate of followers.

In addition, the OST ‘With You’, released in April, with Jimin’s beautiful voice, was used more than 100,000 times as the background music on Instagram Reels, and just 2 months after its release, the OST became the most used among the OSTs of BTS members.

BTS Jimin

‘With You’ is particularly strong as background music not only on Instagram but also on TikTok, surpassing 150,000 BGM videos and bringing a new record for Jimin.

bts jimin

Jimin, who doesn’t have any special personal or social media activities, still receives attention on SNS, so the unique hashtag #JIMIN is no longer just a trend on Twitter. He is also a trending artist with unparalleled popularity on various social media platforms.

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