French journalist who filmed V and Jennie’s Paris claimed he saw the couple well

Dating rumors of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie are making headlines worldwide, especially as the first video sharer claimed it’s definitely the two. 

Previously, French freelance journalist Amar Taoualit shared a video on his TikTok and Instagram of Jennie and V walking along the Seine River in Paris. The two were not wearing masks and were holding hands affectionately, adding fuel to the ongoing dating rumors.

After the video gained attention, however, a lot of people expressed their suspicions, and tried to inquire Taoualit about the situation. 

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As a result, on May 18 (Korean time), Taoualit posted on his Instagram story, “Since I get a lot of messages, here are the facts about this video. I simply filmed well-known personalities in the usual context of my work as a journalist. I specify that this video dates from before yesterday (Monday night, May 15), and that I posted it today so that they are not bothered.” 

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“The quality is bad because I didn’t plan to see them in front of me and I didn’t have my camera. I was walking around in Paris and so I filmed on the iPhone. And yes, I saw them well. (They are) Jennie and V, I confirm. Now we (are) waiting if there will be a confirmation from the idols if they (are) together or not!”, the journalist also said. 

This is not the first time V and Jennie have been involved in dating rumors. In May 2022, they were swept up in their first dating scandal due to alleged sightings of the two in Jeju Island. 

At the time, an online user shared a photo of a man and woman, suspected to be V and Jennie, enjoying a drive in Jeju Island. Afterwards, in August, there were suspicions of a relationship due to leaked private photos. Both times, their agencies, HYBE and YG Entertainment, remained silent on the dating rumors, and they have not made any statements this time around, either.

Source: Star News

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