aespa’s Winter Wore Long Sleeves and Transparent Glasses Alone: Did She Miss the Dress Code?

Winter showcased a completely different fashion style from other aespa members on their way to work. 

On May 19th, aespa members arrived at KBS building for the recording of KBS2’s Music Bank. Each aespa member captured attention with their casual fashion.

Karina was dressed in an off-shoulder top with black jeans, giving off refreshing vibes and showing off her hip charm by wearing sunglasses.


Ningning also appeared wearing sunglasses and a sleeveless top in the hot summer weather.

Giselle wore oversized sunglasses that almost covered her face and was dressed the most comfortably in a white t-shirt and a long skirt.


Unlike her members, Winter showed up in transparent glasses instead of sunglasses. 

Winter stood out in a long-sleeved jacket, unlike the members who all wore short sleeves and sleeveless tops.


Winter also wore black cargo pants and was completely covered up from head to toe.

Many fans were surprised to see Winter appearing in long sleeves and long pants even in the heat of a midsummer day in Seoul with the temperature ranging to a maximum of 28 degrees.


Fans commented, “It seems like Winter didn’t receive the dress code message in aespa’s group chat,” “She must have dressed warmly because her stage name is Winter,” “It must be so hot.” 

Source: Insight.

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