Why is Shuhua’s outfit different from that of other (G)I-DLE members on TOMBOY stages?

Netizens pay attention to the difference between Shuhua ((G)I-DLE’s) and other members’ outfits.

(G)I-DLE had a very successful comeback with TOMBOY although this is the first time the group has returned with a 5-member lineup without Soojin. In addition to the All-kill achievement on the digital music charts, (G)I-DLE also made an impression on the public by performing songs with cool outfits.

However, netizens noticed the difference in the outfit of the youngest Shuhua compared to all the other members. Specifically, at weekly music stages or shows, the members are not afraid to wear costumes that show off their attractive waist while Shuhua does not.

In the clip at Studio Choom, all (G)I-DLE members except Shuhua wore outfits showing off their waists when performing the song TOMBOY.

Discussing the reason for this difference, netizens have 2 opinions:

  • Shuhua has shown many times that she is not comfortable wearing revealing clothes, so I think the stylist is respecting Shuhua.
  • Looks like Shuhua gained a lot of weight so she can’t show her waist.
  • I think the stylist is respecting Shuhua, even the black hair color she wants.
  • I read a lot of comments saying that Shuhua is gaining weight, but that’s okay. Those malicious comments are not worth our concern and Shuhua is still Okay.
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