Nam Ji Hyun shows off her company’s fancy space, “Gong Hyo Jin, Gong Yoo, and Choi Woo Shik were here”

Nam Ji Hyun introduced her agency.

On October 10th, the YouTube channel “Mono Tube” posted a video under the title featuring “Little Women” star Nam Ji Hyun.  

nam ji hyun

Nam Ji Hyun turned on the camera in the lounge on the first floor of her agency. First, she said with an excited voice, “We have pride in our company.” The place she was in is a small karaoke room.

Nam Ji Hyun said, “We have a little space for karaoke in this building. There are a lot of autographs here which shows a lot of my coworkers were here. Gong Hyo Jin, Gong Yoo, and Choi Woo Shik. It is a space that can be used at any time without filming content.”

Next, Nam Ji Hyun moved to the lounge. Nam Ji Hyun boasted that it was a space that looked like a cafe and was a perfect resting place with a variety of coffee machines and more. Then, while going up to the roof of the company, she introduced, “There are 5 floors. There is even the first basement floor. I usually take English classes on the first basement floor.”

nam ji hyun

Nam Ji Hyun, who was going up on the roof for the first time, admired the well-decorated rooftop. She said it reminds her of an Instagram photo zone.

nam ji hyun

Next, Nam Ji Hyun finished her company tour by ending at the rooftop and headed to Bukchon. Nam Ji Hyun said, “The last time I came to Bukchon was three years ago. I love taking walks, and using public transportation.”

nam ji hyun

Nam Ji Hyun added, “I don’t know if people just don’t notice me. But I appreciate that I can walk freely. My friends care more about it. They’re like ‘I think he noticed you’ and I’ll be like ‘Where? I don’t see anyone’”, showing off her simple side.

nam ji hyun

Meanwhile, Nam Ji Hyun played one of the main characters, Oh In Kyung, in the recently ended tvN drama “Little Women”.

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