Netizens are excited with BLACKPINK’s attractive first stage of Sour Candy

Sour Candy is one of the most interesting performances in BLACKPINK’s online concert.

BLACKPINK‘s THE SHOW online concert has ended, but impressions still remain in the hearts of the audience.  The group had delivered many spectacular and elaborate performances.  Some BLACKPINK songs that have never been performed live were also shown at the concert, including Sour Candy – the music product that BLACKPINK collaborated with the famous star Lady Gaga.

The song Sour Candy has been released since May 2020, but THE SHOW stage is the first time that BLACKPINK has performed this song.  Each member’s singing part was filmed separately, with the first scene of Jennie.  The 4 girls in turn dressed in impressive clothes appeared with many sexy male dancers

Although Lady Gaga could not be present, BLACKPINK still made the stage explode.  They filled the female singer’s part with eye-catching choreography.  The performance was so perfect that anyone, who didn’t know, would think that Sour Candy is the YG girl group’s own song.  Notably, Lady Gaga’s part was also filled with Lisa’s solo dance performance, so the audience did not feel disappointed.

This is also the first time fans admire the choreography of Sour Candy, because before that BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga only released the audio version and animated MV.

Therefore, BLACKPINK’s first Sour Candy stage received a positive response from viewers.  However, some people regret that the famous US UK singer cannot appear on this stage, so they hope that both sides will soon release the MV with the participation of both BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga.

Fans left some interesting comments:

– The fans finally saw the first performance of Sour Candy, of course, Gaga did not appear but the BLACKPINK girls still made this stage explode.

 – Where’s our Sour Candy MV?

 – We should boycott Gaga for promoting Chromatica instead of appearing on this stage, maybe she will notice us after that.

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