The behind-the-scenes revelation of the most epic scene on “Red Balloon”: Only one action was real among the shocking sequences! 

The behind-the-scenes takes viewers closer to the making of the appalling hair-pulling and slapping sequences. 

TV Chosun’s “Red Balloon” is buzzing among K-drama viewers for its flawed female protagonist harboring evil but realistic motivations and ambitions. The series soon accumulated increasing viewership with each new episode. 

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In episode 15 and 16, Eun Kang (Seo Ji Hye) was the most hurt character when she was abused by those around her, most painfully by Ba Da and her mother through hair-pulling and slapping in the coffee shop. The scenes helped the series reach a 9.4% rating, the highest figure during the course of airing. 

However, when the behind-the-scenes video was uploaded, it turned out that the heart-breaking scenes were actually the result of perspective. Hong Soo Hyun carried out the slapping action but stopped right before it hit her acting mate. 

Red Balloon
Red Balloon

The actor playing Cha Won’s father also did the same trick. He even used his one hand to take the force of the other. Contrary to the intense and choking atmosphere on-screen, the behind-the-scenes of “Red Balloon” was filled with an amicable air where Lee Sang Woo and Seo Ji Hye were being playful with each other, exuding a close chemistry. 

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However, to increase the realism of the series, Seo Ji Hye actually let Lee Sang Sook grab her hair and even instructed her how to pull it effectively. The result was the convincing hair-pulling scenes. 

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At the end of the day, it was the actors’ performances that made the characters on-screen more realistic and closer to life, as flawed individuals that can be loved and hated at the same time. 

Source: TV Chosun

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