Here’s why expectations are high for So Ji Sub’s small screen comeback after 4 years in “Doctor Lawyer”

So Ji Sub is back in a new drama, “Doctor Lawyer”. 

On June 3rd, MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” will premiere. “Doctor Lawyer” is a suspenseful medical-legal drama about a genius surgeon who becomes a lawyer in charge of medical crimes after losing everything due to a manipulated operation. Through the combination of a medical drama and a legal drama, “Doctor Lawyer” is expected to bring unprecedented tension and immersion.

So Ji-sub

So Ji Sub, who plays the main character Han Yi Han in “Doctor Lawyer”, receives the most public interest and expectations. In this highly anticipated comeback, So Ji Sub transforms into Han Yi Han, a doctor-turned-lawyer, the center of a rollercoaster-like story. 

So Ji Sub is considered one of the best actors in Korea. He has everything from acting skills, and rating success, to buzz. This is because he is a versatile actor who can pull off different genres, such as romance, thriller, and action. His on-screen presence is sometimes sweet, sometimes intense. In 2018, he won two important awards at the same time, Top Excellence Award and Grand Prize (Daesang), for his performance in MBC’s “My Secret Terrius.” 

So Ji-sub

From “Something Happened in Bali”, “I’m Sorry, I Love You”, “Cain and Abel”, “Ghost”, “Master’s Sun”, “Oh My Venus”, to “My Secret Terrius”, over the years, So Ji Sub has boasted a variety of charms and acting transformations through each drama, so public expectations are high for “Doctor Lawyer”, his first return to the small screen in 4 years.

So Ji-sub

So Ji Sub promises to perfectly satisfy viewers’ expectations once again. In each content released for “Doctor Lawyer”, such as teaser videos, posters, and still cuts, he shows off a strong attraction. In addition, So Ji Sub’s acting and aura, which changed in line with the characteristics of a special drama that combines both the medical and legal genre, also left a deep impression. In fact, So Ji Sub is said to have put a lot of effort into expressing medical terms and legal terms naturally. The production crew of “Doctor Lawyer” also reportedly watched and admired So Ji Sub’s performance while holding their breath throughout the filming.

So Ji-sub

The labels “Korea’s best actor”, “grand actor”, and “trustworthy actor” are not enough to describe So Ji Sub. He is an actor who has the power to captivate the public with his charm and acting skills that go beyond a series of fancy nicknames. It is already rumored that So Ji Sub has performed more passionately than ever before with “Doctor Lawyer”. 

“Doctor Lawyer”, which is garnering attention for So Ji Sub’s return, will air its first episode at 9:50 pm KST on Friday, June 3.

Source: Daum

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