“I have had a hellish period of time” IU confessed a health problem that she has been hiding

Singer IU (Lee Ji-eun) confessed that her ears are not in good condition.

IU left the stage after singing “You&I” as the last song at her solo concert “The Golden Hour” held at the Olympic Main Stadium of Jamsil Stadium in Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of Sep 18th.

Fans then waited for IU’s encore performance while singing “Love poem” without accompaniment. Afterward, IU appeared with the accompaniment of “Love Poem,” while fans did the event where they held up slogans that said “We’ll be with you every step. Because we are perfect friends of 14 years,” to celebrate IU’s 14th debut anniversary.

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After the song, IU said, “You guys try so many ways to make me cry. How can you do that at such an important time? How did you guys come up with the idea of singing ‘Love poem’ together? You guys even skipped the bridge perfectly on your own. I didn’t think I would be able to hear you guys because it was so chaotic back there, but I was really listening to you guys under the stage. I’m grateful,” she said to her fans.

“To be honest, today’s concert was a little difficult. Usually, the first concert is much more difficult. On the second day, I usually learned the way relatively and relaxed a little more, so it would be a much more comfortable atmosphere, but in fact, I had a little problem with my ears, which led to me preparing for this concert with nervousness,” she confessed.

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IU said, “It’s nothing too serious, but I’ve been in situations where I can’t control my ears well since a year ago. So I thought, ‘I just need to do well’ and ‘I just need my ears to be fine on that day.’ I know that even if I rest my throat just a little, I can just force my body to work it out. Fortunately, my throat condition was good, but my ears got a little bad from the end of yesterday’s concert,” she explained.

“I had a hellish time from last night to today’s rehearsal. When I started the first song today, I was going on stage thinking ‘Ah! I don’t know what will happen,’ but today’s performance is successful thanks to all of you,” adding, “It’s something I always say, but I mean it every time. I’m really grateful.”


Meanwhile, IU’s solo concert “The Golden Hour” was her first in about three years due to the pandemic since “Love, Poem” in 2019. The concert is meaningful in that she is the first Korean female singer to hold a concert at the Olympic Main Stadium.

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