The man with whom an actress in her 50s had an affair with… “I’ll reveal everything without lies”

A man with whom actress A in her 50s had an affair with heralded a press conference.

On Sep 19th, complainant B announced that he would hold an official press conference in Yongsan, Seoul on Sep 21st, saying, “I will reveal the situation from June 2020 to the present as it is without lies.”

B explained, “I would also like to tell you my position on civil procedures and criminal charges. I decided to hold a press conference because I want to correct the wrong speculative articles as well.”


According to Ilyo News on Sep 13th, B, a man who claimed to have had an affair for about 2 years from June 2020 to July 2022 with actress A who has been active in terrestrial dramas and movies since her debut in the 1990s, sued A for a stipulation worth 111.6 million won.

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B said, “I supported her financially because she promised to marry me, but A didn’t want to do that in the first place. I was responsible for all the financial expenses such as A’s living expenses, children’s education and golf expenses as she asked for, and I divorced in April 2021. However, A delayed her divorce and suddenly unilaterally demanded a breakup through a sibling in mid-July.”

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