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Song Mino appeared with chubby face and enjoyed snowboarding (I Live Alone)

Song Mino drew attention with his chubby face.

On MBC’s “I Live Alone“, which aired on Feb 10th, Song Mino appeared with a slightly chubbier appearance and enjoyed snowboarding.

Song Mino appeared with a swollen face and made everyone around him burst into laughter. In an interview with the production team, Song Mino attracted attention by saying, “As you can see, I put down all my worries. For the first time in 10 years since my debut, I’m living without worries.”

Song Mino

Song Mino ate delivery food such as kimchi fried rice and black bean noodles for breakfast. Song Mino talked about his concern, “It’s a good habit to eat breakfast. I don’t eat dinner often, but I gain a lot of weight.”

Song Mino’s pet Chippy clung to Song Mino’s shoulder to greet him. It then made people laugh by defecating. Song Mino shared, “It was hot. It pooped. A new poop isn’t dirty. It doesn’t even smell.”

Song Mino

Song Mino changed into a snowboard suit right after eating. Song Mino said, “I’m into snowboarding these days. I’ve been there 10 times this season alone because I got a season ticket.” Song Mino said goodbye to Chippy to go out, but Chippy caused laughter by defecating again on Song Mino’s clothes.

Song Mino arrived at the ski resort. Song Mino said, “Snowboarding is cool. I like snowboarding because of the charm of cutting through the wind and pioneering my own path.” After Song Mino meticulously packed his equipment, he headed with a board.

Song Mino

Song Mino revealed his snowboarding skills. Song Mino boasted, “Many people don’t know that I’m athletic. I’m good at sports.”

Meanwhile, Song Mino made everyone laugh when he learned that the crotch of his snowboard suit got ripped while boarding. After fixing the torn pants, Song Mino received board coaching and impressed viewers by succeeding in new techniques.

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