The reason why Lee Hyo-ri, who has been preparing for a child for 2 years, refused to receive IVF treatment

Singer Lee Hyo-ri, who has been married for 10 years, shared her thoughts on having a baby.

Lee Hyo-ri appeared as a guest on MBC every1’s “The Oppa of Tteokbokki House”, which aired on May 31st.

On this day, when asked about her plans for having a baby, Lee Hyo-ri replied that she would be very grateful to raise a child if the child was born naturally.

Lee Hyori

However, Lee Hyo-ri, who turned 44 this year, frankly confessed her concerns that natural pregnancy is not easy due to her age. Lee Hyo-ri is currently in the second year of preparing for her second generation. Nevertheless, Lee Hyo-ri expressed her firm will, “I don’t want to attempt IVF treatment.”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri said that she is looking forward to the day when the child comes like a gift. She added, “I have an acquaintance who gave birth to her first child at the age of 58. I have courage, too.”

Lee Hyo-ri, who has been active in the entertainment industry for 25 years, explained why she wants to have a child, saying, “I have lived a life where the importance is on myself while working as a celebrity. (Now) I want to experience living for something else instead of me.” 

Lee Hyori

As a top star, Lee Hyo-ri has been living the busiest life for a long time, so now, she seems to want to feel maternal love by becoming a mother. Lee Hyo-ri said that she would be happy if she had a child, but she wouldn’t be frustrated if she couldn’t have one. She believed true love is not just felt through having kids of your own. 

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri shared her deep and touching philosophy of life, saying, “Even if I don’t have children, I will treat all beings I meet with a loving heart like a child. True love is not only felt by having children. Even if the baby doesn’t come to me, I want to live with the heart of a mother.” 

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