TWICE’s Sana changes her mood ahead of TWICE’s comeback, drawing admiration for her amazing body figure

Many fans and netizens were surprised to see the recent mature appearance of TWICE’s Sana.

Sana (TWICE) updated several new photos on her Instagram account on August 10th. She drew attention by revealing her new style.

In the released pictures, Sana is wearing an all-black set of a crop top, pants, and accessories, giving off a sexy vibe. She boasts her unique fashion sense by matching her outfit with a bag with eye-catching color.

In particular, Sana shows off her perfect bust-to-waist ratio with a tiny waist to the point where her ribs are visible. Her 90-degree shoulders are also impressive. Netizens can’t help but envy Sana’s figure which are totally body goals. In addition, chic sunglasses and the straight layered haircut also make Sana’s small face stand out even more.

Meanwhile, after releasing their 3rd full-length album “Formula of Love: O T=<3” last year and showing off various charms, TWICE will make a comeback with their 11th mini album “Between 1&2” on August 26th.

Source: Wikitree

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