BTS Jungkook Confirms He is Currently Not Dating: “I Only Have ARMYs”

BTS Jungkook reveals he is single amid rumors about his relationship status

In a recent candid talk on Stationhead, BTS Jungkook addressed swirling rumors about his relationship status. The idol asserted that he is currently not dating and emphasized his commitment to his work and fans.

Jungkook began by addressing the speculation, “Because there are too many comments, I’ll just say it now, I don’t have a girlfriend.” He expressed his desire to concentrate on his career and stressed that he doesn’t see the need for dating at the moment. “I don’t have a girlfriend, so please don’t talk about this anymore,” he urged.


Jungkook went on to express his affection for his fans, ARMYs, saying, “Yes, ARMY, you can be my girlfriend. I only have ARMYs.” This remark endeared him even further to the fans.

Jungkook also addressed the issue of online negativity and malicious commenters. Rather than pursuing legal action, he opted for a more positive approach. “Why push everything so far as to sue, right? I don’t need to sue them; just let it go. They’re doing it just for attention. I will handle haters with love,” Jungkook said.

He concluded his statement with a heartfelt message to ARMYs, expressing gratitude for their support, “Thank you all for caring. I love you all very much.” 

Recently, a video filmed by a sasaeng fan emerged on Weibo and went viral across social media platforms. The video shows a man who is believed to be BTS Jungkook hugging a woman in what appeared to be Jungkook’s apartment, sparking dating speculations. 

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