Se7en “BIGBANG members saved me on their phones as ‘Great Demon King of hard truth'” (Knowing Bros)

Se7en shared an anecdote of him with BIGBANG.

In episode 341 of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on July 16th, Se7en, Chungha and Kim Hee-jae transferred to the Brother School.

On this day, Se7en revealed that his nickname was “Great Demon King of hard truth“.

Se7en explained how he got this nickname, “BIGBANG were trainees when I debuted and was active. (BIGBANG) stood with me on stage and I taught them when they practiced. I’m a senior, so I often gave them bitter advice. They saved me on their phones as ‘Great Demon King of hard truth’.

Kim Hee-chul was surprised, asking, “To what extent did you do it?” Se7en explained, “Normally I was very nice to them, but I was their direct senior, so I had no choice but to do it.”

Kim Hee-chul made everyone laugh by accusing Se7en of being jealous of BIGBANG, “This company doesn’t need anyone other than me, was it because of something like this?” In response, Se7en denied it to the fullest, causing laughter.

Source: daum

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