Best characters in Park Eun-bin’s filmography… She even saved a new broadcasting channel

She is an actress who can perfectly pull off diverse characters, from a cheerful college girl to a girl crush office worker and a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder.

Until the 1990s, Lee Byung-hun, who had a stronger image of a ‘star’ than an actor, began to be recognized as an actor when he met his ‘lifetime character’ named Sergeant Lee Soo-hyuk in Park Chan-wook’s “Joint Security Area JSA” in 2000. Since then, Lee Byung-hun has worked with Kim Seon-woo in “Sweet Life” in 2005, Kim Soo-hyun in “I Saw the Devil” in 2010, Gwanghae-gun and Ha Seon in “Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King” in 2012, Ahn Sang-goo in “Inside Men” in 2015, and Kim Kyu-pyeong in “The Managers of Namsan Mountain” in 2020.

The same goes for Song Kang-ho, the country’s top actor. Song Kang-ho, who has won up to 8 best actor awards and major awards at Korea’s top 3 film festivals (Cheongryong Awards, Daejong Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards), has long since already such a “great actor” that it’s hard to choose a character of a lifetime. This year, Song Kang-ho also has another character of a lifetime when he won the Cannes Film Festival’s Best Actor award for “Broker”.

There are actors who often renew their life characters like Lee Byung-hun and Song Kang-ho, but for most actors, it is not easy to meet a single lifetime character. However, even at the age of only 29, a young actress frequently breaks down her life character and surprises the public. Park Eun-bin of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” who has been recording her own highest ratings every day and surpassing double-digit ratings in six episodes, is a good example.

[“Age of Youth” Song Ji-won] An elegant Park Eun-bin that the viewers can never forget

Park Eun-bin, a middle-aged actress who started as a child actor and debuted more than 20 years ago, has been working in several historical dramas such as “The King’s affection”, “Gye Baek”, “Queen Seon Deok”, etc. When Park Eun-bin said that she was playing Song Ji-won, a pretty, smart girl in “Age of Youth”, viewers had no choice but to be confused. This is because it was a completely different character from Park Eun-bin’s image in various works.

However, Park Eun-bin perfectly played the role of Song Ji-won, a pleasant female college student who does not hesitate to make lewd jokes to the extent that she is called ‘Female Shin Dong-yeop‘.

Song Ji-won said to Eun-jae (Park Hye-soo), who doesn’t understand Ye-eun (Han Seung-yeon) who is having a problem with her ex-boyfriend, “Everyone has their own reasons. Until you know the situation, you shouldn’t say this or that. You must know that at least. Something that others can’t understand, but you have no choice but to do it”, showing off her mature appearance as a senior.

One interesting fact is that the personality of Song Ji-won played by Park Eun-bin is completely different from the actress’ personality in real life. In fact, there was no chance for her to try even a small image transformation as she has been acting without rest since she was young. Park Eun-bin, who has a quiet and calm personality, created a charming character called Song Ji-won, who gives off an opposite vibe, only with her acting skills. This has widened the acting spectrum of Park Eun-bin. 

[“Hot Stove League” Lee Se-young] She becomes a smart operation manager of the baseball team

The 2019 drama “Hot Stove League”, starring Park Eun-bin, is a true baseball drama. It’s not a drama in which the players are the main characters, but a drama that focuses on the process of the worst baseball team strengthening their power and teamwork during stove league and growing into a strong team. When Park Eun-bin confirmed her appearance in “Hot Stove League”, most viewers expected that she would play a “beautiful and fragile” female lead and forms a love line with Baek Seung-soo (Nam Goong-min).

However, the character Lee Se-young portrayed by Park Eun-bin appears as the youngest and the only female manager in the league. Park Eun-bin, who was only 27 years old at the time she appeared in “Hot Stove League”, played an operation manager with 10 years of experience. Although Lee Se-young’s age was not revealed until the end of the drama, the viewers guessed that she was in her mid-30s, pointing out the scene where she shouts “You little punk!” to baseball player Seo Young-joo (Cha Yup).

Park Eun-bin perfectly performed the character of an experienced professional baseball team’s operation manager that is much older than her actual age. In particular, the scene where she throws a cup at Seo Young-joo, who sprayed alcohol on the leader’s knee, and shouts “You crossed the line!” is still considered one of the “signature” scenes and lines in Park Eun-bin’s acting career. In addition, manager Lee Se-young also captivated the viewers with her “girl crush charm” that sometimes gets even Baek Seung-soo overwhelmed at important moments.

Of course, many baseball fans pointed out that it was unrealistic for a woman to be an operation manager due to the nature of the job that requires the person doing it to enter the locker room where the players change clothes to manage the team. 

In fact, the secret behind the fact that “Hot Stove League” was able to achieve a high rating of 19.1% (based on Nielsen Korea’s data) without a love line was Park Eun-bin’s huge contribution in portraying the character Lee Se-young.

[“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Woo Young-woo] She saved a new broadcasting channel

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a drama created with the collaboration of director Yoo In-sik of “Giant” and “Dr. Romantic 2” and screenwriter Moon Ji-won of “Innocent Witness”. The production crew of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” selected Park Eun-bin to play the main character from the beginning but the actress reportedly refused the casting offer because she felt pressured about playing a character with autism spectrum disorder. Director Yoo In-sik and writer Moon Ji-won did not cast another actress but waited for her to finish movie “The Witch 2” and drama “The King’s Affection”.

Park Eun-bin decided to join “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” project because she was touched by the production crew’s sincerity. However, portraying a character with autism spectrum disorder is really burdensome for any actor. In fact, Park Eun-bin is receiving favorable reviews from the viewers for perfectly expressing the detailed characteristics of Woo Young-woo, a character with autism spectrum disorder. It is really interesting to see Woo Young-woo solve the cases one after another with her genius brain and outstanding intelligence, but it is the process of Woo Young-woo growing into a true lawyer that keeps the viewers waiting for new episodes every week. 

In fact, the broadcasting channel of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” – ENA is a new channel that was reborn under its current name after going through several changes, such as “HDONE”, Channel N” and “sky Drama”. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is the second drama that ENA Channel introduced after “Goo Pil-soo Is Not There”, starring Kwak Do-won and Han Go-eun. Since the channel itself is unfamiliar to the viewers, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” also started with a poor rating of 0.9% even with the appearance of a trustworthy actress like Park Eun-bin.

However, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which has started to go viral online and offline, recently recorded an impressive rating of 9.57%, 10 times higher than the record in its first broadcast after 6 episodes. With this achievement, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” even beat other ongoing dramas on terrestrial and cable channels.

On July 15th, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was revealed to rank 6th place on Netflix’s TV Show worldwide chart, proving its huge global popularity. And, the first and best contributor to this “Woo Young-woo Syndrome” is none other than Park Eun-bin, who once again creates a new lifetime character.

Source: daum

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