LE SSERAFIM sold 400,000 copies on the first day of releasing new album “ANTIFRAGILE”

Group LEE SSERAFIM sold more than 400,000 copies on the first day of their new album’s release, signaling the birth of the “next-generation album queen”.

According to Hanteo Chart, 408,833 copies of the second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” released by LE SSERAFIM (Kim Chae-won, Sakura, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, Hong Eun-chae) were sold within a day of release. Only 4 girl groups, including LE SSERAFIM, sold more than 400,000 copies on the day of the album’s release. LE SSERAFIM showed off their presence by topping Hanteo Chart’s album daily chart on Oct 17th.


Compared to the 176,861 copies of the debut album “FEARLESS” sold on the first day of its release, “ANTIFRAGILE” more than doubled this sales volume during the same period. In addition, the debut album sold 307,450 copies in a week after release while “ANTIFRAGILE” sold more than 400,000 copies on the day of release alone, surpassing the previous work’s first week sales in just one day.


The digital result is also encouraging. While the debut song “FEARLESS” entered Melon’s real-time chart “Top 100” at 11 PM on the release date (May 2nd), the new song “ANTIFRAGILE” entered the chart at No.27 at 7 PM on Oct 17th shortly after its release, and ranked 10th at 00:00 today (Oct 18th).

All 5 tracks, including “The Hydra”, “ANTIFRAGILE”, “Impurities”, “No Celestial” and “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am)” entered Bugs’ real-time chart at 7 PM on Oct 17th. In particular, the title song first appeared at No.6 at 7 PM on Oct 17th, rose to No.2 on the 8 PM chart then maintained its ranking until 10 AM today. The song entered Genie’s real-time chart at No.22 at 7 PM on Oct 17th and reached No.4 at 11 PM.

LE SSERAFIM released their second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” on Oct 17th. In the comeback show “LE SSERAFIM COMEBACK SHOW : ANTIFRAGILE”, which aired at 7 PM on the same day, they announced the start of their full-fledged activities by performing new songs. The title song “ANTIFRAGILE” is an Afro-Latin-style pop genre song with a heavy Latin rhythm. Its addictive beat and lyrics are impressive.

Sources: daum

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