The scriptwriter of “Little Women” addressed the controversies in her script related to the Vietnam War

Scriptwriter Seo Jeong-kyung talked about her script for “Little Women.”

On Oct 17th, scriptwriter Seo Jeong-kyung participate in an online interview after tvN’s “Little Women” (written by Seo Jeong-kyung/directed by Kim Hee-won) ended to talk about her script for the famous drama.


“Little Women” is a story about three sisters who are poor going against the richest and most powerful family in Korea. The drama shows how these sisters, who were swept away by a huge incident, solve their life’s hardest problem, which is “Money.” Writer Seo Jeong-kyung, who was recognized for her world-renowned writing skills with the movie “The Handmaiden,” “Decision to Leave,” and tvN drama “Mother,” tried her hand on writing a 12-episode drama script without an original this time.

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When asked about her thoughts after “Little Women” was suspended on the local OTT service of Netflix in Vietnam as this country claimed the drama has distorted the history of the Vietnam War, scriptwriter Jeong said, “I don’t know how much more detailed I can explain this, but I thought about the Vietnam War to explain the origin of the money. I wanted to start like that because it was also the time when the economic revival (in Korea) began with the introduction of foreign currency. It is true that dealing with it in that context does make me think that there was a lack of local perspective. I did not intend to deal with or define any facts about the Vietnam War, so I couldn’t predict that the local response would be like that. Listening to such responses, I realized that it could turn out so, and I think I should take a more careful approach to a reaction like that while writing for the global market,” she shared.

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