“Little Women”: “The controversy over history distortion of the Vietnam War, will be more aware of cultural sensitivity”

Studio Dragon, the production company of tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Little Women”, has expressed its position on the Vietnam War distortion controversy.

Studio Dragon told Dong-A Dotcom on Oct 7th, “We would like to inform viewers about some concerns related to the setting covered in ‘Little Women’. In future content production, we will pay more attention in consideration of social and cultural sensitivity.”

Little Women” (directed by Kim Hee-won and scripted by Jeong Seo-kyung) tells the story of three sisters who are poor but raised hand in hand to go against the richest and most powerful family in Korea. Amid various storylines as the play heads to its end, controversy over the work is brewing in Vietnam.

Among everything, it is the content related to the Vietnam War that raises controversy. Local viewers are questioning the way the story unfolds centered on the “Jeong-ran Organization,” a private organization of those involved in the Vietnam War. In particular, General Won Ki-sun, who founded the “Jeong-ran Organization,” is portrayed as a war hero. Another problem was the line, “Each Korean soldier killed 20 Viet Congs in our best battle.”

Accordingly, local people are demanding that the series released on Netflix be deleted. The Vietnam government is demanding the content be deleted from Netflix’s global service as well, in fear of some of its history and descriptions of its citizens, such as the Vietnam War, are distorted or might be distorted.

Source: daum

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