aespa Ning Ning was embroiled in controversies over her disrespectful attitudes toward fans in Paris but the truth is?

aespa member Ning Ning has recently been involved in an absurd controversy over her attitude toward foreign fans.

A video showing aespa members getting into their car after finishing a recent schedule in Paris, France was recently uploaded on Twitter and other SNS sites.

It was Ning Ning’s attitude in the video that caught the eyes of netizens. It is because Ning Ning headed to aespa’s car while covering her one ear and looked down, unlike other members who went out earlier waving to fans as they passed by them. 

After getting inside the car, Ning Ning touched her ears slightly then folded her arms.

In response, a netizen on Twitter claimed that Ning Ning’s behavior of covering her ear was disrespectful, pointing out that she did it to ignore fans when they called her. 

aespa ningning

As soon as Ning Ning’s fans saw this post, they got angry and reacted, “Don’t raise speculations”. They explained that Ning Ning did not cover her ear to ignore fans calling her, but she was just holding the AirPods to prevent them from falling from her ears. 

aespa ningning

Fans reuploaded the video zooming in Ning Ning’s AirPods and added a caption explaining that the female idol was adjusting her AirPods. Unlike what was shown earlier, Ning Ning in this video was revealed to have greeted fans when she was inside the car. 

The netizen who criticized Ning Ning’s attitude at first already deleted their account.

aespa ningning

In fact, Ning Ning once introduced items in her bag on an entertainment show and said, “I always carry my AirPods with me. I have to listen to music. I would feel uncomfortable without it”, revealing her extraordinary affection. In addition, on a radio show, she said “I lost my AirPods” and revealed that she wanted to get a new one from teacher Lee Soo-man for Christmas. 

Source: wikitree

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