Ha Do Yeong might be sterile? Dong Eun will forgive everyone? Viewers’ speculations about “The Glory 2”

The actors of “The Glory” discussed various speculations about Part 2 together.

On March 4th, a video titled “Cast of The Glory discuss fans’ theories about Part 2″ was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Netflix K-Content”. In the video, Kim Gun Woo (as Son Myeong Oh), Kim Hieora (as Lee Sa Ra), Park Sung Hoon (as Jeon Jae Joon), Jung Sung Il (as Ha Do Yeong) and Cha Joo Young (as Choi Hye Jeong) gathered together to answer speculations about Netflix’s drama “The Glory” Part 2, which is set to be released on March 10th.

To viewers’ theory that “Son Myeong Oh might still be alive”, Kim Gun Woo raised curiosity by saying, “He’s neither dead nor alive. He’s somewhere in between.” Park Sung Hoon caused laughter as he told Kim Gun Woo, who had long hair, “Why haven’t you cut your hair? Aren’t you Mr. Chu?”

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To viewers’ prediction that “After Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) takes her revenge, she’ll lose her memories and live happily ever after”, Kim Hieora sympathized, “When Dong Eun takes revenge on us, since there will be a lot of crimes she’ll commit, she’ll have to take responsibility for that.” Kim Gun Woo said, “But to lose her memories, she needs an external…” Park Sung Hoon wrote a hypothetical scenario, “She thought you were dead, but you come back alive.”

Another viewer said, “Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) mistakes Mr. Chu for Dong Eun because of their similar hairstyles and attacks him at night. So Mr. Chu will die instead of Dong Eun.” Park Sung Hoon laughingly responded, “This is definitely a wild guess.” Cha Joo Young read viewers’ reaction, “What if it’s actually Dong Eun who died in high school, and So Hee is impersonating Dong Eun to take revenge?” Park Sung Hoon answered clearly, “That’s wrong. They took it too far.”

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After reading “In Part 2, will Dong Eun and Do Yeong start dating? Waiting for the DD couple“, Jung Sung Il asked, “What does ‘DD couple’ mean?” Park Sung Hoon explained, “Both of your names start with a ‘D’.” Kim Hieora and Cha Joo Young teased Jung Sung Il, “You’re so old. Why are you like that?” When Kim Gun Woo and Kim Hieora said, “I’ve seen many comments supporting the two“, Jung Sung Il gave a meaningful answer, “I’m not sure, but maybe?”

Another speculation is that “Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) will get a DNA sample of Yeon Jin when she gets plastic surgery at his clinic. And he’ll use that to prove Yeon Jin’s crime. Then he’ll leave the same scars as Dong Eun on Yeon Jin’s body‘. In response, Kim Gun Woo said, “I think Yeo Jeong would come up with something smart.” When Park Sung Hoon said “The one I saw said Yeo Jeong will change Dong Eun’s face to Yeon Jin’s face, and Dong Eun will live as Yeon Jin”, Jung Sung Il asked back, “But she’d feel terrible every time she looks in the mirror.” Cha Joo Young agreed, “That’s a nightmare.

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To viewers’ prediction that “In the poster, the good characters and villains are divided into the white and yellow trumpet flowers. The characters with yellow flowers are looking up. The characters with white flowers are looking down. Since Do Yeong is looking down, he wouldn’t fall with Yeon Jin”, Jung Sung Il made people wonder if Do Yeong is Dong Eun’s helper by saying, “It‘s not that clear in the poster for Part 2.”

To viewers’ theory that “Ha Do Yeong might be sterile. So he might already know that Ye Sol isn’t his daughter. So he would take Yeon Jin’s side until the end”, Jung Sung Il shared his thoughts, “He still raised Ye Sol. He wouldn’t possibly abandon her. He’d just accept it.”

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Regarding the opinion “Only Jae Joon doesn’t have the Korean alphabet ‘ng’ in his name. So he’ll take Yeon Jin’s side until the end“, Park Sung Hoon said, “It’s true. Jae Joon is the only one without ‘ng’ in the name.” Cha Joo Young said, “But the writer said not everything has a meaning. This could just be another setup.”

There was an opinion that “I hope Dong Eun doesn’t just forgive everyone in the end”. Park Sung Hoon responded, “Then she wouldn’t have started it at all.” Cha Joo Young firmly said, “There’s no such thing as forgiveness.” Park Sung Hoon added, “I believe if she was going to forgive them, she wouldn’t have prepared her revenge for such a long time. Bullying shall never be forgiven.” Park Sung Hoon said with a smile, “But if you’re hurt a 100, you can’t just take revenge for a 100. Let’s say that Dong Eun took revenge, and Jae Joon and Yeon Jin both die. Then Ye Sol will grow up to take revenge on Dong Eun. Then Dong Eun’s child will take revenge on her again. Then we’ll need 120 more seasons.” 

Jung Sung Il admired viewers’ predictions, “Some were very analytical. They were beyond our imagination.” Kim Hieora and Park Sung Hoon said, “I thought, ‘They even predicted that?’ Some of them were right.”

Source: Nate

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